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The Neurolastic Institute helps trainers become fall-prevention specialists and balance experts

Want to offer a Balance Gym for your older clients?

A program designed to revolutionize the way trainers treat senior clients with injuries and balance problems 

The Neurolastic Institute offers a training program to help fitness and rehabilitation professionals receive Neurolastic Instruction to allow you to become a Neurolastic Trainer. over 200 information packed videos cover everything you need to not only perform Neurolastic activities with confidence, but also gain knowledge about the common conditions that limit balance; understand key research to support your evidence based training; and become proficient in the Neurolastic Evaluation and Balance Scoring Test

What you will learn

  • How balance is lost

  • How humans learn balance

  • How older adults regain balance

  • Which body systems are specifically responsible for balance

  • Balance awareness and balance control systems in the body

  • How to differentiate Proprioception and Kinesthesia

  • How to improve balance

  • Fear of falling and balance anxiety

  • Balance as a motor function

  • Brain changes during balance

  • The correct role of strengthening in balance training

  • What makes balance training effective

  • The importance of repetition and duration

Neurolastic Training 

for Personal Trainers 

  • All this in 200 short and easy to understand videos


  • Videos include real world examples, demonstrations, graphs, diagrams, and learning material


  • Students will also be able to print a full guide to the Neurolastic System including all activities and the Neurolastic assessment form

What becoming a Neurolastic Trainer can do for you:

  • Expand your client base to include the active older adult

  • Increase your revenue by providing training for the fastest growing segment of training customers

  • Gain a competitive edge over other trainers

  • Improve your training qualifications with the Neurolastic™ training certificate

  • Increase your ability to work with clients with disability

  • Work from your home gym: very little equipment Is needed to Neurolastic training

  • Provide services at not only gyms out in clients homes, assisted living centers, and your own studio

  • Become a balance training expert with a Neurolastic™ certificate

  • Increase your Medical Fitness Training business

  • Advertise beyond the gym: reach physicians, therapists, and other health professionals

  • Provide training that reduces fall risk

  • Increase your hourly rate with specialized and proven balance training

  • Make a difference in peoples lives

  • Master effective and evidenced-based fall prevention and fitness training

Are you a fitness or rehabilitation expert? Would you also like to be a Balance expert? Add hundreds of potential clients to your customer list. Gain the expertise needed to make dramatic improvements in balance and walking

The Neurolastic Institute Curriculum

Our own proprietary learning system built from the ground up

The Neurolastic Institute Curriculum is organized to make it easy to learn. You will progress through lessons that will help you better understand the reasons why clients lose balance and walking ability. You will learn how to analyze client's walking and assess their balance.


Then you will be provided the key research that provides evidence for the best ways to improve.


Finally the student will learn all the activities that you will use to help your clients. This way, the student will have comprehensive knowledge of not only how to improve balance but also why this training helps and now to modify it for any client

Develop training programs that improve balance in a wide range of clients

Develop training programs that improve balance in a wide range of clients

Become knowledgable about the underlying conditions that limit balance

Learn how to work with client conditions to achieve their goals

Provide clients with a fall risk score a walking speed test

A fear of falling assessment

A strength and posture evaluation

& many more unique tools

Analyze your clients walking, identifying common deviations

Learn hundreds of activities

The Neurolastic Institute includes hundreds of activities that improve balance. Learn to correctly perform each activity and customize programs for each client, no matter their abilities or underlying problems.

Gait Analysis

The institute includes video training to help you anylyze a persons gait, showing you the typical problems that clients might have with their walking.
While Neurolastic training can't treat these problems, it can help the trainer learn how to work around these walking problems to improve walking and increase fall resistance

Balance Score & Fall Risk Screening

The program will also teach you how to easily score a clients balance level, fall risk, posture, and strength. It also will snow you now to measures a clients fear of falling. These tools not only help your clients understand their risk of falling but also shows them what they need to improve and how
much real progress they have made

Conditions that Limit Balance

Learn more about the common underlying conditions older clients face.  From strokes to brain diseases to dementia and fear of falling, the Neurolastic Institute will instruct you in what causes these diseases, how they impact balance,  and how to work around them to improve your clients balance and walking despite these issues. Students will learn work-arounds and tips to providing excellent client care to anyone, regardless of their issues


Review more than 25 landmark studies that will help you better understand what academic research has show to be the most effective in improving balance. Each study is explained in simple terms showing the student exactly what activities the research suggest is most effective at improving walking and balance

Next Steps

Students will receive several tests throughout the program to help you solidify your understanding. At course completion, students take a comprehensive exam. Passing scores grant the student a certificate in Neurolastic training. a CNT. Clients can find certified trainers and therapists through the Neurolastic institute. Students have six months to complete their training. Typically. students compete the entire course and receive certification. In 2-3 weeks. Work at your own pace. Watch each video as many times as you would like during the 6 month access. Become certified and increase your client base. More importantly, change your clients lives.

 mosaic 64_edited.jpg
  • Earn $60-$80 per session, for an average of 30 sessions per client

  • Unlimited access for 6-months to complete the course

  • Receive Neurolastic™ Training approved for 1.0 CEU's NASM and 10 CEU's AFFA

  • Course cost is less than the earnings made from a single client

One-time Fee $299


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